You are their hope for a better life!

New Programs, More Lives Saved

You are their hope for a better life! image




New Programs, More Lives Saved

Your donation to Humane Society, Tennessee Valley goes straight to work helping animals.

We are excited to share some exciting new programs because we envision a future in which all animals are treated humanely, with compassion and respect. We want to thank our loyal supporters who helped with our emergency appeal for monetary donations to keep pets safe, healthy and in their homes. As we end this year please join us on helping to support the program you feel a connection to and help us save a life.

Traveling Tails is our newest program with potential to make an incredible impact on the abandoned animals in East Tennessee. The transport of animals from shelters and rescues across our region to areas that have people waiting for animals to adopt is successful around the country and now we are joining this lifesaving initiative. Help us reach our goal of saving thousands of lives in the new year by supporting our Traveling Tails Program. All aboard!

Pet Help, an initiative aimed at keeping people and pets together in their homes, is receiving a heightened number of requests for pet food, cat litter, flea and tick medicine, and other needs focusing on pet retention. The need stems from the increasing number of people facing economic hardship due to COVID-19 related job and home loss. Your donation today helps us give families what they need to keep their pet in their home and out of area shelters. Relying solely on donations and grant funding, Humane Society, Tennessee Valley needs community support now more than ever.

Our monthly giving program allows you to conveniently support Humane Society, Tennessee Valley with any amount you choose. Your donation goes a long way to help an abandoned animal, who needs to be transferred to our shelter from shelters and rescues across East Tennessee, get a new chance at life.

  • Help provide support to our Pet Help Program to meet the immediate needs of families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For just $15 a month you can help stock the shelves in our Pet Food Pantry to Keep Pets and People Together during these uncertain times.
  • Help support a visit to our Wellness Clinic for a pet in need with just $25 a month. Your donation can help with vaccines, preventative medicine or even a microchip to help return a dog or cat safely to their home.
  • Help purchase antibiotics for our animals that get upper respiratory infections with just $30 a month. Many times we see animals "break" with a cold because of a change in their environments, going from a home to a shelter.
  • Help fully vaccinate shelter cat or dog to protect them from illness for just $50 a month.
  • Help us transport 25 dogs to safety from our backyard to other parts of the region for $100 a month. Our partner shelters here in East Tennessee need help with overcrowding and we now can help with our Traveling Tails program on the Journey Home.

Financial support is the backbone of every animal shelter, and the Humane Society, Tennessee Valley is no exception. We depend on the generosity of people like you in order to continue to transport animals, from other high risk shelters in the communities we serve, to our Adoption Center in Knoxville, TN. With our new programs, our intention is to save even more lives this year and we look forward to you being part of the journey. Thank you for choosing to help Humane Society, Tennessee Valley make an impact for the abandoned animals of East Tennessee and beyond.

If you prefer to mail your donation to support our organization please use one of the following addresses:

PO Box 51723, Knoxville, TN 37923 or our physical address 6717 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919